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Resources for First Time Home Buyers

Resources for First Time Home Buyers

April 21, 2023

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You’ve decided to start the home ownership journey. I am so excited for you! I know, I’ve been there. It can be overwhelming, but I assure you that if you just take one step at a time…and breath, it will work out. I welcome the opportunity to work with you. I’m providing a step by step guide, and resources to help you move forward. Included in this post are some great home buying resources.


Jumping in and touring homes is exciting, but I caution you to start before getting pre-approved by a lender. This is different than pre-qualification. Being pre-approved means that you have put all of your financial documents on the table with a lender, and have received a “pre-approval letter” to show realtors that you are ready to purchase a home. Once you receive that, it is typically suggested that you go to at least 2 other lenders to make sure you are receiving the best deal for your situation.


Lenders are approved for specific down payment assistance programs. Ask each lender. Realtors can give you a list of more resources. Here are some online resources:

MN Residents: One Roof Housing

NerdWallet provided a list of mortgages suited for first-time home buyers for 2023.


2022 MN First Time Home Buyer/MN Programs

As your agent, I will give you all the answers you need. I work with a wonderful team of realtors at Messina & Associates Real Estate. So, you will be happy when you hire me to assist you to find your home. I will be on your side and work tirelessly to help you into your dream home. Give me a call or text 218-349-1792


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