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What Makes Me a Good Real Estate Agent?

Jody Tucker, Your Realtor

March 29, 2023

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The biggest question buyers and sellers want to know is, “Who is a GOOD real estate agent in Duluth?” But, what does that mean, really. What defines “good”? In this post, I’m going to try and answer that question in regards to myself as your real estate agent. Because, that’s who I want to be…your realtor for buying and/or selling.

What is Considered “Good”?

Ha! Just entertain me for a moment. Webster defines “good” as of a favorable character, suitable, that can be relied on, profitable, true, honorable and pleasant. There’s more like that, but I’ll stop there. It’s good!


Such a good skill. One, I have had to work on. As a former therapist, I have a lot of experience in learning how to listen. I know that people liked to be heard and understood. That’s the first quality that I will provide to you. I will listen to your needs and wants. Buying and selling a home is challenging and a major part of your life. I do not take that lightly. You have questions, and I have answers. And, if I don’t have an answer, I will definitely find it. At Messina & Assoc. we have the best agents and together we know everything about real estate. I am so proud to be part of a company that cares so much about their clients.

Understanding the Real Estate Market in Duluth

You can rely on me to know the local real estate market. I work in real estate everyday. I don’t work another job. I love real estate and I love Duluth. I don’t appreciate the loooong winters, but still love Duluth. The real estate market is moving a bit slow this spring, but research says that 2023 will be a stable year. Interest rates have decreased a bit, and plan to stabilize. Inventory is low. It’s a seller’s market still. Homeowners want to sell, but many also want to buy. They seem to be holding out listing their home till they can find one to buy, but there are so many homeowners doing this that it is bottlenecking the system all up! I truly hope this grip will loosen up soon. It will benefit everyone involved. Asking prices are not as high as in 2021, but competition is still alive and thriving. Many more buyers than sellers out there. Homeowners, give me a call. Let’s talk. Let’s come up with a plan to get you into your next journey, your next home. I don’t want people to be sitting in a home they don’t want anymore. I want to help you move forward.

Communicating with You

I have been in your position as a buyer and seller. Prior to becoming a REALTOR®, I bought and sold my homes with other agents. I learned from those experiences and took them to heart when becoming a Realtor. I do not to assume buyers and sellers know the basics of real estate. I communicate the steps, processes, definitions of real estate terms, and the timeline. I’m ready to answer ANY question you may have along the way. I try to anticipate questions you may have as well. As project manager of the buying or selling of your home, I will keep it in order.

When showing you a home, I will give you my opinion on it if you want it. I will always be honest in my opinion because I don’t want you to have a home that doesn’t fit your life or one that would be bad for you. Making a sale is not my first goal. Helping you to find the RIGHT home is paramount.

When a problem comes up along the way, you can count on me to jump in and calmly direct the communication to a resolution. I want you to feel confident as me as your REALTOR®. Yes, there are new and different issues that can arise, but it’s my job to handle it with care.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

This is an important skill. Know that I will step up to the plate and negotiate on your behalf at every step. Whether it’s writing the offer, issues from an inspection, the appraisal process, or an issue that comes up, I will work hard and smart on your behalf.
If you are looking for a REALTOR® to list your home, my list-to-sell ratio for 2022 was 106%. I would love to sit down and talk to you about your home and your next steps.

Marketing Your Home with the Latest Technology

Marketing your home is more than just posting it on the MLS. Communicating it to the community and beyond is part of the strategy to marketing your home. This is done through personal interactions while in the community and at events. The Messina website shows virtually every home for sale and gives you a real sense of home information, neighborhood, mapping and lifestyle information in an easy-to-navigate format. We continually invest and research in optimization of our technology. I am active on social media on a daily basis. My posts will be seen by 100s of people in our area. Once we list your home, we may provide an open house which can cultivate more buyers than without an open house. I create posts, flyers, a home-book and feature cards for in the home. Our Tuesday agent tours get our Messina agents eyes on your home prior to it being listed. To create intrigue, we can create a virtual tour of your home, and of course, Zillow, and other online sites will spread all the news automatically. Overall, marketing can be fun and creative. Pick me!

Let’s Chat!

Many of these qualities have contributed to my success as a Real Estate Agent with Messina & Associates Real Estate over the past 3+ years. I would love to meet with you or talk over the phone to see what your home needs are.

Jody Tucker, MN Licensed Realtor

Jody Tucker
MN Licensed Realtor



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Jody Tucker has been a MN Licensed Real Estate Agent for 4 years. She has a strong love for homes and for helping join people with the perfect home that suits their lifestyle. 

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